Extended Realities (XR)

  • XR is generally used as an umbrella term and is frequently used as a casual shorthand to group technologies such as VR, AR and MR together.

  • Here the 'X' can be seen as a placeholder for V(R), A(R) or M(R)

  • Mixed Reality, Merged Reality and Digital Reality are one and the same.

  • XR also covers the hardware, software, related technologies, methods, and experience.

 AR vs VR vs MR
 AR vs VR vs MR
 AR vs VR vs MR

Physically Based Rendering (PBR)

  • Physically Based Rendering (PBR) is an approach in computer graphics that seeks to render graphics in a way that more accurately models the flow of light in the real world.

  • PBR approach is originally explored by Disney and adopted for real-time display by Epic Games. Later, widely adopted on most popular engines and looks visually amazing.

  • Each of the surface parameters we need for a PBR pipeline can be defined or modeled by textures like Albedo or Diffuse Map, Normal Map,Roughness Map, Metallic Map and Ambient Occlusion Map.


Technology Stack

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